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Brightway Decanter Centrifuge and Its Application to Desulfurization


After technical and commercial exchanges for 2 months, Brightway designed and manufactured one set BWLW High-speed Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge for Russia customer. Recently, The Decanter Centrifuge has tested successfully at the factory. It will send to Cho Ming Oilfield of Russia and will be used in the fields of Desulfurization. 

Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge tested successfully
Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge tested successfully

Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge is used the principle of difference solid-Liquid specific density and depend on centrifugal force. The solid-phase is subsided under the action of centrifugal force and then can achieve solid - liquid separation. The process of feeding and separation is continuous, closed and automatic. The centrifugal machines applied to recycling a variety of suspended sulfur in sulfur foam and it can be run at low temperature and has the characteristics of low sulfur wastage, less power consumption, good cealing. 

Brightway Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge

Brightway Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge Features

1. Desulfurization Centrifuge Handle size: >0.15mm.
2. Automation degree high, High configuration requirements, Easy to operation.
3. Long-term operation, Stable performance, Simple Maintenance.
4. Compact structure, Small footprint.
5. The entire operation in closed conditions, No pollution to the environment.
6. High drum speed, Good effect of separation, Low moisture content of sulfur cream.

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