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Dredge Slurry Dewatering System

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In the field of river dredging slurry Dewatering, Brightway accumulated a lot of successful dredging and dewatering cases and more operating experience. Considering the big mud content and difficult environmental management in the proccess of river dredging, Brightway is aimed to design and research a integration Dredge Dewatering Solution in order to save a lot of cost for customer. At present,Brightway can design and configurate different model Dredge Dewatering Equipment or System  to meet requirements of different customers according to the working condition of river silt the customer provided. The Dredge Dewatering Equipment System as follow:

BWQY-120 (120m3/h) Dredge Dewatering Equipment
BWQY-240 (240m3/h) Dredge Dewatering Equipment
BWQY-300(300m3/h)Dredging and Dewatering System
BWQY-450(450m3/h)Dredge slurry Dewatering System
BWQY-600(600m3/h) Dredge slurry Dewatering System

Brightway Dredge Dewatering System Display

dredging slurry Dewatering system 300m3/h Dredging and Dewatering System

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